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Image of Limited edition 'MIDNIGHT MISSION' Vinyl (180gm) + 'FINGERPAINTING' (Cd)
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Limited edition 'MIDNIGHT MISSION' Vinyl (180gm) + 'FINGERPAINTING' (Cd)

Special offer - Signed Midnight Mission on Vinyl + Fingerpainting on CD

Limited to 100 copies

This is a limited edition signed copy of Bill's 2019 album Midnight Mission.
Original music inspired by the excitement and melodies of early electric guitar music. Drawing on Bill’s ability to write great melodies and world class playing this album also features special guests Ray Davies (The Kinks) and Paul Brady.

"Fingerpainting" is Bill Shanley's debut album which was released back in 2007.
Music includes six original compositions and arrangements by artists including Chick Corea and The Beatles.

Image of Limited edition 'MIDNIGHT MISSION' Vinyl (180gm) + 'FINGERPAINTING' (Cd)